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February 3, 2010

Booty of The Month – Montana DeLeon

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Written by: J rhymin

Montana Deleon is currently really hot and has become famous by way of a Virgin mobile commercial feturin Missy Elliot. She has worked on the sets of major movies like “Stuck On You” with Matt Damon and Greg Kinear. She has also had the pleasure of working with Quenn Latifah in her movie, “Beauty Shop”.

About the Author

J rhymin
Monroe T. Dunbar Jr. is the founder of the best new site ever Monroe is a artist that wanted to find a way to help those that were just like him in MN. to be able to get exposure that seems to be hiding from artist in MN. Monroe also is head of the recording lable Unstable Intellect, inc. & TohnohTimes, inc. which is his managment company. With all the different business ventures he is involved in he feels like this could be the year that all the hard work pays off.



French Montana Attacked In Drive-By Shooting, One Person Dead

Now | News | Audio | Features | Reviews French Montana Attacked In Drive-By Shooting, One Person Dead March 01, 2013 | Steven J. Horowitz French Montana was the target of a drive-by shooting last night following a performance a...
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D&S presents: birthday bash

Come out and celebrate life with D&S for Mr. Wayout… Feb. 21, 2013.
by J rhymin


A moment of silence for Jerry Buss

Laker nation has lost a great man. Lets have a moment of silence for Jerry Buss and his family…,0,6879149.photogallery
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Building The Brand -Grip

This is the beginning of the end ladies and gentlemen. “Grip” is back in a major way. Here’s a peek at the new shirts and logo. More to come. You can also follow Grip on twitter and Instagram @stilldasamegrip ...
by J rhymin



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