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January 31, 2010

Dad Impregnates 11yr old daughter

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Written by: J rhymin

People are sick as hell your own daughter? And not just that 11yr old coochie is in no way something that I want or think about in my spare time or anytime not gonna be able to feel sorry for this cat at all!

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J rhymin
Monroe T. Dunbar Jr. is the founder of the best new site ever Monroe is a artist that wanted to find a way to help those that were just like him in MN. to be able to get exposure that seems to be hiding from artist in MN. Monroe also is head of the recording lable Unstable Intellect, inc. & TohnohTimes, inc. which is his managment company. With all the different business ventures he is involved in he feels like this could be the year that all the hard work pays off.



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  1. serena bena

    That is SO sad! Ppl like that just disgust me. Poor girl.

  2. admin

    I know right? This is very sad. Did you see the wtf video of the week? watch that thats whats gonna happen to him in the joint.

  3. Graham Townsend

    wat the f**k, u gotta be out your rabbit ass mine, i doent wish hurt on anybody , but wat the f**k, he gotta go.

  4. admin

    My thoughts exactly. Mutha fuckas is sick. You know what the joint gonna do to him

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